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Add A Guest House To Your Property. We can match any existing structures features. We will custom design your unit to match the exterior of your current home. We can match paint, siding, stucco, or any other material. Our vision is for your granny flat to blend beautifully into your backyard and become an extension of your homestead. Not only will we match materials, but we also work to custom design your Home Care Suite to compliment the architecture of your home.

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are small, self-contained living units that typically have their own kitchen, bedroom(s), and bathroom space. Often called granny flats, elder cottage housing opportunities (ECHO), mother-daughter residences, or secondary dwelling units, ADUs are apartments that can be located within the walls of an existing or newly constructed single-family home or can be an addition to an existing home. They can also be freestanding cottages on the same lot as the principal dwelling unit or a conversion of a garage or barn.

The International Residential Code for One- and Two- Family Dwellings (IRC) is a comprehensive reference for best practices in home construction and the basic standard for all home builders. A completely new version is published every three years. Small revisions are published more frequently. While all states have adopted the IRC, there is great diversity in the specific versions (scroll down to see the US map.) Additional codes may be written your state, county or city that are stricter than the IRC, particularly in regions vulnerable to earthquakes or hurricanes. Check with your local building inspector or a contractor licensed in your region for guidance.

To build your own tiny home it takes about 120 hours for a professional. For the average DIYer, building a tiny house takes about 480 hours, either concentrated (3 months of fulltime work) or spread out over a year or more, fitting construction into spare hours on weekends. Here's a more detailed discussion from a professional.

Our units are custom designed and built for your specific needs and budget. Pricing for our units range from $155 to $165 per square foot.

All units will include:

-Licensed Florida Contractor

-Design & Engineering

-Zoning & Permitting

-Site Preparations (debris clearing & foundation work)

-Utility Hook-Up (water/sewer, electricity)

-Move In Ready!

Contact us today so we can consult you on your local zoning ordinances.

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