The Outside Looks Typical -- The Inside is Another Story

The Cabin in the Woods Tiny home is comfortable and cozy! It has all the essentials, a full sized loft that can fit a queen or king sized bed mattress, an option for a futon downstairs that can easily be a second bed, a full sized kitchen, bathroom and closet for storage! This unit has french doors and plenty of windows, adding a pleasant and bright feel to your day!

Legally, a tiny house on wheels is considered an RV, and a tiny house on a foundation is considered an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). We tiny housers need a new legal definition for a tiny house, separate from an RV or ADU, but that will take time. For now, we need to work within this framework.

Once registered, where will your house stay? Choices include someone's backyard, an RV park, your own land, or a tiny house community-ecovillage. Tiny houses on wheels are allowed as caregiver dwellings in the backyard of a person who needs assistance in Sonoma County, CA, as well as Napa, Lake, Mendocino, Alameda, Contra Costa & Sacramento, according to Sonya Tafejian of Tiny House Consulting Sonoma County. And on Nov. 20, 2015, Fresno city zoning approved tiny houses on wheels as backyard cottages without the requirement for the tiny house dweller to be a caregiver.

If not in a caregiver cottage, you'll be considered to be camping and regulations in some areas limit camping to a particular number of days; check with your local zoning office. Backyards and RV parks have the advantage of offering utility hook ups. It may be possible to camp on your own land, particularly if your land is classified as recreational rather than residential, but it's rare to be able to get utilities. North Yarmouth, Maine is exceptionally friendly to private camping.

Tiny houses on wheels are slowly gaining acceptance in RV parks and welcomed in tiny house communities and ecovillages.

All of our Tiny homes come with a huge range of features as standard.

These include:

Fully fitted kitchen

Soft closing doors and drawers

24″ countertops

36×36 lazy susan

Stainless steel sink and faucet

Cooktop unit designed to fit electric or propane cooktop

Cutlery divider drawers

Stainless steel utensil and pot hangers

6x over counter 110v power outlets.

2x tracked spot lights overhead

4.3 cu.ft fridge/freezer

Durable countertops

4″x4″ exposed cedar roof beams


Full sized 30×30 shower unit

High quality shower faucet

Shower rail + curtain

Electric bathroom ventilation fan

Wall hung sink and faucet

Opening sash window

Frosted glass on window for privacy

110v power shaver outlet

Option of traditional water toilet or decomposing toilet.

32 inch door on entry to bathroom giving easy access

Attractive bathroom lighting.

Pine T+G wall panelling

4″x4″ exposed cedar ceiling beams

Living Area

10 ft high ceilings

Pine T+G wall panelling

Fold down wall hung table

Electric recessed wall fan heater with option of propane heating

8 x 110v power outlets

Attractive tracked lighting

Open out high quality french doors.

Option of futon type seating allowing for extra sleeping area.

Durable linoleum flooring with wood effect throughout.

Opening sash windows.

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